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Why Choose Amanda-Jane?

Amanda-Jane moved to New Zealand in 2016, with more than 25 years working in private practice she established herself as one of the UK’s leading experts in dealing with Sleep, Stress and Anxiety issues along with a variety of additional symptoms often associated with these conditions.

Amanda-Jane works with the full spectrum of clinical presentations, ranging from mild to severe, working with individuals, couples, children, and families.

Amanda-Jane has treated a number of clients for a variety of reasons, whether to eradicate an unwanted habit or behaviour, to gain relief from a specific emotional issue, restore good quality sleep, reduce stress and anxiety or to simply have more confidence and self-belief to make those all-important changes in life.

A Proven Track record

No two clients are the same

One size does not fit all, no one therapy works, and no two clients are the same. Therefore, no two programs should be the same. It’s this unique approach which Amanda-Jane attributes to her success. She has an impressive and proven track record in delivering and achieving positive results, quickly and effectively where other programs have failed.

Delivering positive results

Amanda-Jane works tirelessly to keep updated on training and developing new techniques to make her treatment programs even more effective. Her absolute commitment is to deliver solution focused, purposeful, effective and empowering programs for her clients, believing that people DO NOT need to be in therapy for years. Once the correct solution is focused on and the right course of action taken, peoples; behaviour, attitude, thoughts and feelings can very quickly change. If we have the right ‘Mindset’ we will always find the ‘Solution’.

Working Tirelessly

Amanda-Jane is professional, easy going and friendly. Her no messing, practical and down to earth approach enables clients to find the solutions they're looking for quickly and effectively, enabling them to move forward and create the life they want. Amanda-Jane - Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, CBT and NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Personal Life Coach as well as a Personal Leadership and Communications Trainer, DISC profiler, Influential Leader and Culture and Change Manager.


We just wanted to thank you so much for your expertise in helping out our daughter the transformation from a frightened, anxious child lacking confidence and low self-esteem to a beaming happy teenager who now understands that people are just people and that everyone, no matter how old has fears and gets things wrong occasionally.She   has changed so unbelievably in the last 7 months that it is extremely difficult to explain to anyone the hell we all went through last year.  Her behaviour was driving our family apart and as much as we all love each other it was incredibly wearing on all of us including our daughter and she would be the first to admit it.


Amanda's therapeutic techniques are the sole reason that I now have the career I always wanted. Having struggled and failed in the past I thought I would never attain my goals due to nervousness, insecurity, and lack of self-belief. Amanda helped me overcome my fear of failure in a few sessions and I am now a different person with a positive outlook, I can now move forward with my life. Thank you for helping me to help others.


After seeing you for just 3 sessions I can't believe just how much I've changed, how much stronger I am and all the things I've learnt about myself. I can now see how it went wrong and why the relationship ended and I know how to do it differently next time, I only wish I had met you 10 years ago before I met my partner, and I wouldn't have made the mistakes and behaved the way I did and maybe it would have worked out with us.


...I know these aren't great things to most people but to me - wow, they are but they are becoming ok!!!! Bless you Amanda - without your help and encouragement they most certainly would NOT BE HAPPENING . I feel I am moving in the right direction Amanda - thank you. You are a fab lady and will always be special to me...

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