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Sometimes we try hard to make changes and to make things happen, but no matter how hard we try it doesn’t seem to work.

Even if we know what we need to do (often though we don’t have a clue), change can seem outside of our control. This can be a lack of drive, lack of motivation and lack of success, an unhappy or empty relationship, lack of progression at work or a feeling of loneliness, and many other things.

At times we reach a point in life when we realise, we’re not where we want to be. Not being satisfied with where we are can eat away at our confidence and self-esteem. This can lead to a feeling of being stuck, we feel less capable, more frustrated and mood lowers as time goes on.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, business owner, executive, home maker, an employee, looking for a new job or career, or simply trying to find work/life balance.

Using a coach to help develop and hone your skills could greatly improve your chances of success and happiness.

A coach can be a great way to help you get back on

track and help you decide how you’d ideally like to spend your life.

Although we all must make some compromises, it is often possible to organise our lives in a much more productive way and start enjoying the things we want to. Life is short and making every day count should be top priority.

A coach may be able to help you see things in a different way and help you to set clear goals on what you’d like to achieve.Coaching is a positive and empowering discipline that brings about new energy of thought process, bringing a new perspective into your circumstances, helping you to take charge of your situation and make positive changes.

One to one coaching provides practical help for those who want to make changes and build momentum here and now, it also helps to gain a clear picture of your situation so you can make the changes needed to move ahead.

Coaches support and encourage people to enabling them to fulfil their potential and make the most of their lives. Coaching enables clients to adopt strategies, find solutions to help solve challenges and to make long-term positive changes that foster success and happiness.

Work/Life Balance

If you're finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life, you're not alone. The extra working hours, the use of phones, laptops and other devices, expecting to be contactable and available constantly can eventually tip the balance.

Often work / life balance issues can leave you feeling drained, overwhelmed, feeling out of control, underperforming, maybe even anxious. It’s important not to wait until a more pressing condition arises before addressing the problem. The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the NZ is perhaps one the biggest and most pressing challenge to the mental health of the general population.

Loss of purpose and direction

We all feel lost at times, a lack of passion and motivation, with a sense or feeling we have no purpose in life. We may recognise that we’re not living a fulfilling life and have more to offer yet are struggling to find the direction or make the changes.

We want to change our lives, but don’t have a goal. No goal means no direction or starting point. Hours spent wallowing in procrastination.

Sometimes these feelings come from life challenges, personal, financial, career loss, disappointments and often a knock of confidence. Whatever the reasons may be, through solution focused thinking; direction, motivation, drive, discipline, enthusiasm, and purpose is quickly re-established.

Coaching sessions can be carried out online

Coaching sessions are different to the Mindset & Solutions 6 session program, coaching sessions usually start after the 6-session program, they can be spread out over a number of weeks or months it's up to you.

Discount is applied when booking 6- OR 12-MONTHS coaching sessions
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Business start up Owner

I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Amanda-Jane, making that commitment has helped keep my mindset in a good, positive place, it has also motivated me to take actions to move forward. Amanda-Jane has helped me take what was just a business idea and turn that into reality.
I now have another business that Amanda-Jane coached me in setting up and developing I found each session extremely helpful, Amanda-Jane was brilliant at extracting from me what I needed to do next and how I was going to go about it. Having coaching enabled me to create a structure for what needs to be achieved. Looking back at what I have achieved since November is incredible and the coaching has been pivotal in making that happen. I have loved the coaching every step of the way.

IT Business Owner

The coaching sessions have had a massive impact on my life. Allowing me to make decisions and discover what I really want from and to do in life. Before I started coaching, I was lost didn’t know what to do, and was feeling deflated, trapped and hopeless.

Coaching allowed me to make decisions as events conspired in my life allowing me to make effective decisions by clearing my mind and looking for what’s important and what I wanted from my decisions. I believe I have come a long way since that first session and have been able to grow as a person.

Executive Director - FTSE 100 Company London

Amanda -Jane coached me by telephone, yet it felt like I could see her face to face. The connection between us was really great and I felt like she understood. Amanda-Jane helped me make sense of and get clarity in what I wanted to achieve and asked me some very thought-provoking questions that switched the light on for me. I remember laughing and thinking how obvious some things are once they are recognised.

She helped me stay on track and set realistic timeframes and to think about how to overcome potential obstacles. I did feel stuck on occasions, however, Amanda-Jane didn’t tell me what to do, she continued to ask me what I thought I could do and helped me move on. She is friendly and encouraging, she acknowledged my achievements that I hadn’t even seen for myself. As a result of coaching, I have achieved the goals I have set and recognise some strengths that I didn’t think I had. This has been an experience to treasure.

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